Blog / Advantages and Disadvantages of Changing Fabrication Suppliers

Advantages and Disadvantages of Changing Fabrication Suppliers

Changing Fabrication Suppliers

The importance of suppliers within most industries worldwide is one of the most significant factors in the success of any business. A supplier is an entity that provides quality materials from a manufacturer to the retail industry for resale. Your supplier will be the intermediary between the manufacturer and retailer and will always fulfill stock levels. Finding and working with suitable suppliers could be daunting for companies as every department within your business will need variations between affordability, quality, and durability. These aspects are a contributing factor to the quality of the product you supply to consumers. You need to understand the fundamental traits of your suppliers and the ability to deliver what you need when you need it. While many businesses believe that it’s vital to retain and build solid and lasting partnerships, others tend to test out various suppliers until they find one that meets their specifications.


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Why you may choose to move to a new supplier

When a business relationship becomes under pressure due to poor service delivery, you have two options. Either start working closely with your current supplier, or you can consider changing to an alternative organization. When you begin pro-actively working with your supplier, you may start seeing changes in their behavior; if not, you should seek more consistent services.

Advantages of changing suppliers

Disadvantages of changing Suppliers

New customer incentives

When signing up with a new supplier, you should talk to them regarding new client sign-up incentives. Suppliers use these incentives to attract potential customers and grow their business. When you sign up for a company offering new customer incentives, you may qualify for getting free delivery or discounts on your first order.


When you change suppliers, you always stand the risk of not knowing what to expect for the first few weeks at least. You don’t understand their processes nor their usual delivery times. You might not be used to the means they use to place orders or even their staff. But this is a risk you take when changing Sheet Metal Manufacturing Suppliers, and if you’ve done your research, this will most likely not be the case.

Potential for better service level

Your service level’s importance during your company’s business activities will be vital if you feel or see that your supplier does not value your company or continuously show up late or can’t produce your stock. It would be highly considered to find a supplier with the experience and can output the products you need when you need them.

Potential price increase

Industry Suppliers don’t always maintain the same prices across the board; if you change to a new supplier, some or all the products might be more expensive than your previous supplier. You might not notice it at first as you have sign-up incentives, but they might prove to be more costly after some time, which will reduce your profit margin.

Potential for better product

The quality of the product you deliver and sell to your customers will depend on the rate you’re supplied with. If this quality is inconsistent and does not meet your requirements, you should consider finding more reliable Sheet Metal Suppliers. The markets are competitive, and you can’t afford to lose sales due to your suppliers’ inferior quality materials.

Potential for larger profit margins

Your supplier also has a significant influence on your pricing as well as your profit margins. If your supplier can’t compete with more affordable options, making a move might save you a ton of money. By saving more money on suppliers, you automatically increase your profit margin and quickly see the results.

Better Reputation

When you start utilizing the services of Industry Suppliers with a poor reputation, you risk labeling your own company as unreliable as well. Avoid working with suppliers who got a bad reputation over the years. Also, find alternative suppliers if your Industry Suppliers quickly changed their tunes and no longer offer the excellent service and prices they used to. Your supplier is one of the most critical aspects regarding your operations; conduct the procurement accordingly.

Potential for worse service levels

As you don’t understand what to expect when joining a new supplier, you also face the risk of moving to a supplier with insufficient service levels compared to your previous one. If this service provider doesn’t offer you the same or better service levels, you stand the risk of losing business as you can’t keep up with demand on your end.

You could end up less of a priority

When the new supplier you moved to has solid relationships with various other businesses, who have supported them for years, you might not be their priority. But, build a lasting relationship and pay them on time; by doing this, you’re creating a stress-free business relationship, and before you know it, you might be their priority.