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Our Clients

We have nearly 40 years of success in supporting clients’ projects, in areas including sheet metal work, product prototyping, specialist welding, powder coating, batch production and plasma cutting.

Here at MPL Fabrications, we’re used to delivering specific solutions within highly specialised industries. Our clients come from sectors such as the Ministry of Defence, the police force, transport, and health, and we’re equally at home working with large organisations as we are providing bespoke items for individuals.

The fact that our clients keep coming back to us is a testament to the excellent work delivered by our expert team of fabricators.

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MPL Fabrications Top Clients

At MPL Fabrications we aren't your average metal fabricator. We stand out by forging a path of versatility and customisation. Unlike fabrication companies that offer standardised products, we take pride in crafting metal solutions specifically tailored to each client's unique needs. This dedication allows us to empower a diverse range of businesses across various industries and ultimately shape our customer's success.

Let's explore how we empower and benefit our top customers:

Our Clients: A&A

A&A Electrical

MPL supports A&A Lift and Electrical's operations by supplying them with approximately 250 different yet essential and safety-critical components for their electrical control systems, including buffer posts, slotted panels, release keys, stanchion packs, gear trays, tube kits, and fire control switches.

Brett Martin

MPL offers a variety of metal products to Brett Martin, including roof trims, burglar bars, advertising boardings, and more. This one-stop shop for metalwork solutions streamlines Brett Martin's procurement process.

Our Clients: Brett Martin
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Electromech is a well-established rail equipment provider in the UK providing electromechanical and electronic equipment and related services to the rail industry always with a focus on reliability & safety. At MPL, we manufacture headlight units, foot pedal bases, mild steel covers, and speedometer mounts for Electromech. These custom metal parts play a crucial role in the functionality and durability of Electromech's products.

Cobble Lane

MPL creates unique mobile stainless steel trolleys with hanging points and rods specifically for Cobble Lane. These bespoke trolleys improve Cobble Lane's efficiency and meet their specific needs for product display or transportation.

Our Clients: Cobble Lane
Our Clients: Cowlick


MPL provides Colwick with both bespoke and standard Real-Time Brackets for their bus stop destination boards, enhancing passenger information displays. Additionally, MPL manufactures cable covers to ensure a clean and organized visual aesthetic.

SMW Telbrook (SMW Autoblok)

MPL ensures operator safety with machine guards manufactured for SMW Telbrook.

Our Client: SMW Autoblok
Our Clients: Tooling Intelligence

Tooling Intelligence

MPL fulfils Tooling Intelligence's requirements for electrical covers and security cages, safeguarding vital equipment within their facilities.

Subcon Laser

MPL manufactures various meter keys for Subcon Laser, catering to their laser cutting applications in different industries.

Our Clients: Subcon Lasers
Our Clients: AQ Mesh Environmental Instruments

AQ Mesh - Environmental Instruments

MPL supports AQ Mesh's solar energy solutions by creating custom solar mount brackets, ensuring efficient panel positioning.

Alvis Robotics

MPL plays a crucial role in Alvis Robotics' development by creating control boxes, control box covers, and mounting frames. These components provide essential housing and support for the robots' electrical systems.

Our Clients: Alvis Robotics
Our Client: Potters Poultry

Potters Poultry

MPL supplies machine end guards, fascia brackets, and fixing straps for Potters Poultry, contributing to the safety and functionality of their poultry processing equipment.