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At MPL Fabrications we provide Sheet Metal Fabrication services that meet your exact requirements. We are driven by our commitment to excellence and precision and by handling every aspect of each project in-house, we can ensure high-quality products as a result.

Despite being based in Coventry we work with clients across the whole of the UK, and our reputation for excellence is based on more than a quarter of a century spent delivering bespoke services for our clients.

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One of the key services we provide to our clients here at MPL Fabrications is sheet metal fabrication. As with all of our work, we deliver bespoke solutions to both commercial and private customers.

We pride ourselves on offering a superior quality of work, which is made exclusively by our in-house operations.

Some of the industries we serve include the electronics industry, the rail industry, healthcare, defence, emergency services and many more.

Crucially, our highly experienced team are able to deliver time-critical jobs without forfeiting on quality or precision. Here is an overview of the sheet metal services we provide, along with the techniques we can provide for your project.

Bysotronic By Bend Smart 160/31-- Press Brake.

What Is Sheet Metal Fabrication? 

Sheet metal fabrication is a process that involves the installation, cutting, and manipulation of individual sheets of metal. These sheets can be made from various metals such as aluminium, brass, copper, pewter, steel, or titanium depending on the intended usage. The sheets are generally flat and thin, which provides maximum flexibility when various welding and fabrication techniques are applied.

In essence, sheet metal fabrication pertains to creating products from sheets of metal. It requires a hands-on approach, an eye for detail, and a background in engineering. In addition, computer-aided design is often necessary, making it a multifaceted discipline.

Our sheet metal fabrication services may involve creating completely new products from scratch or repairing and maintaining existing structures.

Benefits Of Sheet Metal Fabrication
  • Durability
  • Easy to repair
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Precise results
  • Versatile

Where Is Sheet Metal Fabrication Used?

The question really should be ‘where isn’t sheet metal fabrication used?’! That’s because sheet metal fabrication can be required for architecture, air conditioning units, retail units, mass production as well as a vast array of everyday items.

We make a variety of different products - from the small (e.g 3mm brackets) to the large (aluminium panels up to 3m).

We have around 60 separate customers we have sold products for this year across a number of industries, including:

  • Roof flashings
  • Trims for school, outdoor buildings
  • Housing box units for light rail company
  • Hydraulic tank units
  • Interior housing of vending machines
  • Housing for digital bus display on bus stops
  • Bespoke brackets for signs
  • Trolleys for meat industry
  • Poultry housing cases

The majority of industrial buildings will have some kind of sheet metal fabrication housed within it. Some of the common industries that require sheet metal fabrication include aerospace, agricultural machinery, civil engineering, packaging and shipbuilding.

However, as an incredibly varied line of work, there is no end of industries that can benefit from the services of a highly skilled sheet metal worker as we provide to our clients here at MPL Fabrications.

Sheet Metal fabrication
CNC Sheet Metal Fabrication

Our Sheet Metal Fabrication Services

As a part of our Sheet Metal Fabrication services, we deliver bespoke solutions to both commercial and private customers.

We provide superior metal sheet fabrication quality services across various industries including electronics, rail, healthcare, defence, and emergency services, using our in-house operations exclusively.

Our company provides tailored solutions for businesses and individuals alike. Our extensive knowledge and skills are respected by various specialized clients, including the Ministry of Defence, law enforcement agencies, electronics manufacturers, railways, and medical facilities who rely on our proven ability to work with precision and meet tight deadlines with the highest finesse.

We are capable of delivering high-quality work even when operating under tight time constraints. Below are the various Sheet Metal Services

The process of CNC (computer numerically controlled) punching utilises a cutting machine that is integrated with software to manage the cutting of patterns and shapes on sheet metal, ensuring precise and accurate results.

In 2021, invested in a brand new LVD CNC Punch Machine. Since then this machine has been the heartbeat of our services and is used in a lot of processes across many companies and sectors. A benefit of LVD CNC Punch Machine is that it allows for absolute precision, especially in mass-production projects such as:

  • Lift industry - slotted panels
  • Light rail - aluminium covers
  • Industrial equipment - reservoir covers
  • Roof / daylight systems - trims
  • temporary buildings - galvanized trims

In January, we purchased a brand new Bysotronic By Bend Smart 160/31 Press Brake, which replaced our 30-year-old Darley and Adira machines. This significant investment has already improved productivity, energy efficiency, job capability, and delivery times.

A brake press is a machine that is used to bend sheet metal into specific shapes. It uses a punch and a die to clamp the sheet metal and applies force to create bends. Some of the shapes that can be created using a brake press include V-bends, joggles, hemming, and safe edges.

As with many other types of sheet metal fabrication machinery, brake presses are used because they can speed up the process and improve accuracy compared to manual work. Even if several intricate bends are required on one sheet to form the finished product, it can be delivered with ease.

Guillotines are a type of cutting tool that is used in various industries, including printing, paper, and metalworking.

They are known for their precision and accuracy, making them an ideal choice for cutting materials that require a straight, clean cut. There are various applications to guillotines such as cutting paper and cardboard and trimming photographs however we are using our guillotine for slicing sheet metal. They are particularly useful for cutting thicker materials, such as metal, which would be difficult to cut by hand or with other cutting tools. That's why we recently upgraded our old Guillotine for a top-of-the-range Morgan Rushworth HSGS 3100/6 hydraulic sheet metal guillotine.

In addition to their precision and accuracy, guillotines are also known for their speed and efficiency. They can cut through large stacks of materials quickly, which makes them ideal for use in busy production environments.

Milling is a precise and versatile process used in sheet metal fabrication. It involves the removal of a specific portion of the surface material of a metal sheet without cutting through it entirely.

This technique is commonly used to create intricate patterns or designs on the metal while maintaining the structural integrity of the other side of the material.

There are different types of milling techniques available to suit different requirements. For instance, end milling is commonly used to create flat surfaces or slots on the metal. Conventional face milling is ideal for removing large amounts of material quickly, while face milling is used to create flat surfaces. Pocket milling is an excellent choice for creating cavities or recesses in the metal, and profile milling is used to create complex shapes or contours. Whatever technique is employed, the precision and accuracy of the milling process ensure that the finished product is of the highest quality.

Drilling is a process that involves creating a hole in a material using a rotating drill bit. This practice is widely used across various industries for a range of purposes, from construction to manufacturing.

In sheet metal, drilling is particularly crucial, and specific tools and drill bits are required to exit successfully through the other side of the material.

The drilled holes in sheet metal can serve multiple purposes, such as facilitating screws in architectural designs, providing ventilation, and allowing light to pass through. These holes must be carefully crafted to ensure that they meet the necessary specifications and do not compromise the integrity of the sheet metal. Overall, drilling in sheet metal requires precision, expertise, and the use of specialised equipment to achieve the desired results.

Welding is a process of joining two materials together, creating a strong bond that is often used to enhance the structural integrity of metal objects.

Metal, being a robust material, is often the preferred choice for construction purposes. However, separate pieces of metal lack the strength of a single, solid piece and cannot be held together with conventional adhesives. This is where welding comes in, as it fuses the two materials together, creating a single, continuous piece that is much stronger and more durable than two separate pieces.

Welding is a versatile process that can be used to repair damaged metal objects as well. By melting the metal at the point of damage and applying pressure to the surrounding area, welding can restore the object to its original strength and appearance.

Powder coating is a highly effective process that is used to safeguard materials from various forms of damage such as corrosion and chipping.

This process can be applied to any type of metal and offers the added advantage of being fully customizable, allowing you to choose any colour you desire. On average, powder coating provides an astonishing 20 years of protection to metal surfaces which is significantly longer-lasting than even the leading brands of paint. As a provider of specialist metalwork services, we offer powder coating as one of our core services to our clients.

In sheet metal fabrication, the use of plasma technology has become increasingly popular due to its remarkable ability to cut through thick sheets of metal with ease.

Plasma is also known as the fourth state of matter alongside solids, liquids and gases. What makes plasma cutting so unique is that the machine can be operated by hand, providing a high degree of flexibility and precision in the cutting process. With the ability to generate an infinite number of shapes, plasma cutting has become an indispensable tool in the metalworking industry.


LVD CNC Punch Machine

MPL Fabrications has revolutionised their sheet metal production with the LVD CNC Punch Machine.

This innovative technology boasts several advantages that perfectly align with MPL's needs. This high-tech machine boasts several advantages that directly address MPL's needs. Compared to manual punching, the LVD machine automates repetitive tasks, boosting production speed and output. MPL can complete projects faster, take on more jobs, and meet tighter deadlines.

The LVD's punching capabilities handle a wider range of materials and complex designs, allowing MPL to take on more intricate projects and expand its service offerings. In addition, CNC technology ensures consistent and precise punching with every cycle, minimising human error and scrap material. This translates to higher quality parts and improved product consistency.

Moreover, The LVD machine's nesting software optimises material usage by minimising scrap. This not only saves on material costs but also promotes a more sustainable fabrication process.

By incorporating the LVD CNC Punch Machine, MPL Fabrications has elevated its metalworking capabilities to achieve unmatched levels of accuracy and speed and solidify its position as a leader in the industry.

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Bysotronic By Bend Smart 160/31- Press Brake

Bysotronic By Bend Smart 160/31 - Press Brake.

The Bystronic ByBend Smart 160/31 Press Brake is a game-changer for MPL Fabrications.

This state-of-the-art machine boasts increased functionality, allowing MPL to tackle complex designs and intricate bends with ease.

Additionally, the ByBend Smart offers faster lead times, ensuring projects stay on schedule. But the benefits go beyond speed. The press brake's energy efficiency translates to lower operating costs and a reduced environmental impact.

Bystronic's advanced technology empowers MPL to deliver exceptional results for its clients, pushing the boundaries of metal fabrication and propelling MPL's growth aspirations.

Morgan Rushworth HSGS 3100/6 hydraulic sheet metal guillotine

The Morgan Rushworth HSGS 3100/6 hydraulic sheet metal guillotine has been a significant upgrade for MPL Fabrications' metalworking capabilities.

This machine boasts a large cutting width of 3100mm and a shearing capacity of 6mm in mild steel, allowing MPL to handle bigger projects and thicker materials with ease. This translates to faster turnaround times, improved accuracy, and reduced material waste – all crucial factors for efficient metal fabrication.

Additionally, the high-visibility front guard design enhances operator safety, making it a valuable addition to MPL's workshop. By incorporating the HSGS 3100/6, MPL has been able to tackle more complex projects, enhance their production capacity, and ultimately deliver superior results for their customers.


If you have any questions about our sheet metal work or want to discuss a specific project then please contact us on 024 7661 0778, or via email at sales@mplfabrications.com. Our expert engineers are ready and waiting to explain exactly how we could deliver the sheet metal components you need.