Blog / 5 Things to Look for in a New Light Fabrication Manufacturer

5 Things to Look for in a New Light Fabrication Manufacturer

What Is Light Metal Fabrication?

Light metal fabrication is the creation of metal structures by bending, cutting, and assembling.

Usually, a fabrication shop will bid on a job, based on engineering drawings, and then builds the product. Large fabrication shops use a lot of value-added processes, including welding, cutting, formatting, and machining.

Both human labour and automation are used. A fabricated product is called a fabrication, and shops who do this kind of work are called fab shops. The end products of common types of metalworking might be similar in function, but these are not classed as fabrication.


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5 Things To Look For In A Manufacturer

1. Capabilities

Find out what kind of materials that they work with. What metal fabrication services does the manufacturer offer? What are their capacities? Ask if they have produced something similar to your products or products within your industry. The previous work experience and capabilities of a light fabrication manufacturer are a good indication of what they will be able to do for you if you work together.

2. Quality Maintenance

The companies that you will work best with will be the ones that share similar goals, values, and dedication to quality as you. Find a manufacturer that will partner with you on this. When all parties are on the same page, the relationship will be a lot more productive. Find a manufacturer who prides itself in conducting business in a way that is dedicated to maintaining quality. Some companies don’t place much importance on values, but it is a valuable foundation to begin building a productive relationship with you.

3. Hospitality

Even as technology advances, the best business relationships are still very personal. This is why good customer service is so important in metal fabrication. You should get a clear idea of how your sheet metal fabrication service will back up its products. Are team members available to speak to when you need them? Will they prioritize a critical order that is time sensitive for you? Look for a fabricator that deliveries top-class customer service.

4. Value For Money

Some people confuse value with price, and this can be a big mistake. Price is the amount that you pay, but value is what you get out of it. The economics of any transaction will be very important to a business. Economic factors also include factors like the quality of work, waste, timeliness, and efficiency. Price does matter, of course, but the overall value that you get from your fabricator is about more than price alone.

5. Overall Quality

You obviously need someone who will produce good quality work. Remember though, that quality work is about more than just the finished product. It should also include the overall finish and the services that they offer that add value to your working relationship. Does the manufacturer offer any design services? Do they have engineers that are able to give you ideas and clear answers? Can they ship directly to your customers? Don’t underestimate how important added value services can be to the quality of your work together.